Looking for a Licensed Moneylender in Singapore?

We are here to help you solve your urgent immediate needs. We have different types of loans cater for short term or long term needs.

Money Lender Singapore can assist to get the loan you need even if the banks have denied your loan application. Legal moneylenders are here to help you when you need it quickly and you will usually get your loan application approved on the day itself and hassle free. Even if your credit rating is poor, money lenders will still issue you a personal loan if you show proof you are still working.

Types of loans offered by licensed moneylenders:

Personal Loans

Personal loan caters for short period of time usually from 1-6 months; for personal use and range in different loan amount and terms.

Normally personal loan does not require any collateral. Your loan is approved quickly and this type of loan offers instant access to cash; you get the money within hours of making the application. Personal loans are ideal for any financial emergencies.

Payday Loans

Payday loan offers customers who take out the loan and agree to repay the loan on their payday. This is another great way for any emergencies for unexpected medical bills or anything you need urgent cash.

A payday loan is similar to a cash advance. You apply for a small amount of money and agree to pay it back when you receive your next pay check. Payday loans are normally approved within 48 hours after application.